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Q: Why hire Central Lakes Dock Co, Inc.  instead of someone else

A: We specialize in building waterfront docks, custom to your specifications. Unless otherwise requested, we use the finest quality materials known to nature in making your summertime waterfront experience. We understand your waterfront also dramatically increases the overall resale value of your home. Your dock is also a statement on the busy lake during the season.

Q: Do I need Seasonal Work?

A: What you may not know is winters here are harsh. Unless your dock is removed every season, all permanent docks need to be ready in facing some of the natures most punishing conditions here in New Hampshire. The ice flows can destroy your investment very quickly. When the wind blows, the sheets will ice pile up on windward shore. We have seen docks built and installed by carpenters that lasted one season, only to end up as firewood on the side of the clients home.

A: When water freezes, it expands, crushing or warping materials it now embodies.

Q: Can I build a bigger dock? I’ve never had a dock or swim float before; I would like one now! – I’m looking to buy property on the lake and would like to re-build a (New|Existing) dock.

A: There are laws and regulations, which go beyond the building permit. We have been working with preservation and regulatory agencies, some from their inception. Let us know what your planning, perhaps before purchasing a property, that we might help in your decision making.

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